Welcome to Blamire-Brown.co.uk


You're on a page with Blamire-Brown in the name. That's not an accident. You must have been looking for something or someone. I mean, it's not like you'd accidentally end-up here after Googling for One Direction is it?

So, this is David Blamire-Brown's little corner of the internet. It's not much really, think of it more as a portal to various other ways of seeing what I'm trying to shout out into the void. It's also my area for learning and experimenting with HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript and other aspects of web design and development.

Since I'm the oldest and geekiest Blamire-Brown of my generation, I was always most likely to get the blamire-brown domain name first. And since everyone with that surname is blood-related, it only seems fair that I'll also try to point you to any other Blamire-Browns that you might have been searching for and who also have some form of presence on the internet.


David Blamire-Brown on the Internet

Before we get into anything else, in November 2014 I am running an Ultra Marathon in the Brecon Beacons. I'm raising awareness and money for a charity called Azafady. Please find out more and sponsor me here:

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Since this site is basically a little hobby to practice web development, if you really want to see what kind of stuff I'm pushing out into the unlistening (or unreading) void of the Internet, these are the best places in which you should start looking:

Helena Blamire-Brown on the Internet

Helena is an amazing person. For a start she's married to me. Still. Not only that, but she's also living my dream. She is running a Music With Mummy and Jolly Babies franchise in Corsham and Chippenham.